The CPP Business Unit was established in 2006 setting a successful MR pool named Clean Products International, (CPI) co-managed with International Seaways.

The core of the pool commercial activity is the clean refined products spot market in the western hemisphere, focused on the Americas.

At the end of 2014 the CPI Pool was converted into a new shipping pool, a joint venture named Clean Products Tankers Alliance (CPTA) being the participant members Asahi Tanker, Ultratank, OSG and Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL), a consolidating a platform of about 60 modern MR tankers.

The international CPP Business Unit of Ultratank is presently managed by the affiliated company Products Tankers Management Company (PTMC) which commercially manages and operates the IMO3 fleet of CPTA.

PTMC conducts business based on very good market relationships and a diversified client’s portfolio. The products types has been expanded based on the flexibility of the IMO3 chemical capabilities, ranging now from easy chemicals, vegetable oils, molasses and clean refined petroleum products.