The chemical carriers Business Unit was established by Ultragas back in 1994, expanding the tankers domestic business into the realms of the liquid noxious substances.

»Ultratank is the leading COA and spot trading carrier of bulk chemicals in the intra-South America region«


We operate a fleet of modern stainless steel tankers from the corporate headquarters located in Santiago, Chile.

The diverse client portfolio comprises several industries ranging from industrial manufacturers, petroleum companies, agricultural, petrochemicals, commodity traders, fertilizers, mining, food either small local producers or global multinationals.

The complex technical nature of the chemical transportation in association with the regularity of the parceling service demands a sophisticated standard fleet and dedicated staff in order to offer solutions and assistance to the clients based on flexibility and reliability. We are happy to consider whether spot trading or COA.

The products carried are mainly sophisticated bulk liquid chemicals, acids, edible oils, alcohols, biofuels and clean petroleum products. The company safety handling procedures is essential to offer efficient services when carrying toxic, flammable or corrosive products, holding ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 certified procedures.

The regular sailing patterns are fundamental for our clients covering all South American and Caribbean Sea coasts. The growth of our COA matrix is a positive evidence of our successful corporative culture oriented to service our clients by building sustainable and long-lasting partnerships.

Fleet Evolution