The first vessel under Chilean Flag and employed in Cabotage, came into operation during 1960, a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Carrier of only 23 mt length (LOA) and 90.3 m3 of cargo capacity, being the smallest vessel of its kind ever built worldwide.

The company increased its presence in the Chilean market adding coastal transport services of Sulphuric Acid for the mining industry, with a couple of Chemical Carriers as from 1994. Additional own vessels, used for the transport of Clean Petroleum Products (CPPs) were added to the service in 1996, under Chilean Flag.

Nowadays, the Cabotage Business Unit of Ultratank operates a fleet of around 9 tanker vessels of different sizes and products, transporting yearly over 1.55 million tons of Sulphuric Acid and serving many time charter contracts and COA commitments with our local clients.


Some of our local client base: